Pet Friendly in Charlotte, NC

Pet Friendly Charlotte

Some of the best memories I have are of the pets I’ve owned over the years.  Nothing can replace the special role our furry friends have in our lives.  They bring so much love and laughter into a household, we often want to take them everywhere with us.  I recently asked on FaceBook if people considered themselves a “dog person” or a “cat person” and most who responded said they were dog lovers.  So I set out to find some great dog friendly places in the Charlotte area to help people enjoy their pups even more!  And don’t worry, I’ll take care of the cat lovers another time!  😉

I have personally been to a number of the places in the links below.  The Dog Bar in NoDa is high on my list, as well as Lucky Dog Bark and Brew in Huntersville.  As their names imply, both go out of their way to make your dog welcome while you enjoy a night out.

Other Pet Friendly Links

Below is the list of links I’ve gathered to other sites that have done all the hard work for us.  Find all the local dog friendly places Charlotte has to offer…

Dog Friendly Restaurants: Restaurants

Dog Friendly Attractions: Attractions

Dog Friendly Hotels: Hotels

This city guide will show you all the best (and worst) places for your pets. You can even add your own reviews:  City Guide

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants according to CBS Charlotte: Restaurants

And of course, there is an APP for that too!  Go here to find the iTunes app for Dog Friendly Places: Dog Friendly APP   How cool is that?!

And don’t forget to give us a call when you decide you’d like to capture memories of all that crazy fun personality your dog has!  I love doing pet sessions… both in the studio and on location!  Check out our pet gallery and contact us today for a no-obligation consultation, and let the FUN begin!

pet friendly charlotte

Let us know in the comments if you have been to any of the pet friendly places listed and tell us what you thought about them.  We love to pass on good information!  Have a good night all!

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Family Portraits – Looking back

More Family Portraits With The May Family!

I love this wonderful family!  I started photographing the Mays back when young Drew was just 10 days old… and now he is ten YEARS old!

Family Portraits

It’s been a wonderful honor to play a part in recording their family history through photos.  I watched- and wondered- as first Drew and then Mary slowly journeyed from small delicate infants, into rough and tumble toddlers, and eventually lost their baby roundness.  I’ve seen their interests go from stuffed animals to legos, trucks and dolls, to videos, sports and ballet.  In a way, I feel like they are my kids too… a part of my photo family!  We reminisce about how we stuffed Mary into a Christmas stocking when she was 9 days old, and how she let us know that was NOT where she wanted to be… and about how Drew has always had a smile ready, even if Mary was pinching his ear at the time (which she has since outgrown!).  These memories and many others decorate their walls and shelves.  Family portraits are everywhere, and special sessions with the children were turned into wall art pieces that are still showcased today.  Mary and Drew love to point them out to me when I visit their home.  These visual memories… they’re why I became a photographer.  :-)

To celebrate the past ten years with the Mays, I pulled together a small collage of just a few of our many sessions below.

Family Portraits

Many thanks to the Mays, and to all the other families I make memories with!  Looking forward to many more years!

Want to create some of your own memories?  Contact us now!  Enter your email below or to the right!

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Enjoying the “Sweet Spot”

Are you enjoying the Sweet Spot?

I was reading an article yesterday that a friend of mine posted about parenting… it’s called The Sweet Spot.  Now, even though I don’t have children of my own, I knew what the author was talking about just looking back at my own childhood and by being a part of my family’s and friend’s parenting experiences.  It started me thinking and I realized that there really are “Sweet Spots” in other areas of our lives too.  I also realized that I do what I do as a photographer so that we can remember all those little moments (the good AND the bad!) and truly appreciate them – and where we are now – when we reach the sweet spot… when we can finally get that breath, and look around at what we have.  Check out this article when you have a minute.  Whether or not you have children, I think you’ll appreciate it.  Then come back and let me know if you’re in your own sweet spot!  Cheers!

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